Inverted Mountain
Trevor Clement
Self Published
400 pages
Static Printing
Staple Bound
open edition
$75 plus shipping

‘INVERTED MOUNTAIN’ describes a journey towards, and then through, an anonymous city; a location with a dual identity as both place and process. The city acts as a stand-in for the orthodox structure of social coercion. This project accesses languages of hardcore punk & noise music, Dante's Purgatorio, the American frontier, and sci-fi cinema to weave a meshed network of images, objects, and sound for a dystopian present-future. ‘INVERTED MOUNTAIN’ suggests a coming of age in tenderness and rage; and outsider becoming through chaos. Each handmade book is comprised of nine individually bound packets swallowed by painted covers and encased in a bolt sealed cardboard case. Materials include automotive glue, kosher salt, spray paint and sandpaper. Also contained is a 60 minute CD of original music, which acts as both soundtrack and severed twin to the book. What is not seen may still be heard, and what is seen can be further told. The musical content covers a full range of styles from ambient, to rhythmic, to melodic, to tumbling elevators of full sound.

Trevor Clement is a Syracuse, NY based visual artist, musician, and performance artist of Estonian descent. Clement is known for his contributions to musical projects such as HUNTED DOWN, LAKE FOREST, WHITE GUILT, and as being the conclusive administrator of BADLANDS in Syracuse. The do-it-yourself ethic, the antisocial, violent, and anti-capitalist character of noise and hardcore-punk music all play a major role in Clement's thinking about visual art. His visual work has been shown at Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY, at the NoFound Photo Festival in Paris, France, as well as at Light Work in Syracuse, NY, for whom he is a 2014 Grant recipient.

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